Dear Mecca Cola Drinkers, Followers, and committed persons to our Ideals.
I am glad and very happy to have the opportunity to address you directly and answer all your questions.

I hear every where and specially in France and Europe, inside the Muslim Community  a lot of interrogations about us.

As YOU All know, when I founded MECCA COLA in 2002, I was very far to imagine the huge success and the large spread we knew.

My Idea was at the beginning a single Mediatic and political reply to the huge attacks against Islam and Muslims after 9/11 dramatic events.

I wanted to shake the conscience of Americans them selves about their hegemony and oppression to other peaceful people,

About the wars conducted & directed by American Administration in several countries in the world under the Umbrella of Terrorism fighting,

About the Unfair American foreign policies against Muslim world and about the blind support that American administration was and in certain case still giving to all dictator’s of the Planet.

AMERICA is the main and Unique support to Middle East Dictators and Rulers, supporting indirectly the most Obscurantist movements and Governments.

My main Goal,  was at that time, and still,  to point the unfair and inacceptable blind support of America to the Zionist Entity.
I couldn’t and still can’t accept The Policy of Double Standards followed and continuing to be followed by the US Administration.
I claim for Justice and Human treatment for Palestinians.
I do Believe that wars, military threats, Violence, will never solve the Palestinian conflict.

Absolute respect of Freedom Right and Human rights are not negotiable, not only for Palestinians, but for all oppressed peoples and Humans around the world regardless to very convincing excuses..
Only peaceful co-existence between Jews and Arabs will grant peace, based on 1967 Borders. its is possible, it is feasible, we only seek for real political will from both sides.

My Unique reason of strong opposition to these policies is my total rejection of INJUSTICE.

I am not driven by hate or rejection of others or any racist feelings, I believe in Universal Human Values, to all. Not in a Selective way as it is now.

As you all know through the huge Media campaign we benefit of world wide, my Original approach was strictly political and Media, specially when threat of war was nocking Iraqi doors.

In any case, and as incredible as it may seems I never had real commercial meaning and purposes.

When I started its was a strict fight for HUMAN VALUE.

It might be a bit naïve, but it is the trough!!

I was So much out of any consideration so that I never , never really given , predicted or even thought of any reaction from major brands such as Coke and Pepsi !

I was a thousand miles away to think about them or a possible aggressive reaction or trade war !
I was so obsessed with my ideal of justice , I was so angry of the harassment we Muslims, Faced and continue to face, WE Muslims around the world had to face, that I went beside real threats, that were competitors and Arab dictatorships . I was at that Time and in a certain point of view, a Real DON KICHOTE fighting windmills!
I even , in my inexperience , underestimated the reaction of the Pro-Israeli Lobbies and supporters in France  particularly and in Europe.
But attacks that hurts more where not really of what was finally predictable.
Most dirty ones came from inside our community of believers, du to jalousie envy and calumny !
I remember the huge campaign conducted against me in France by certain group of “Salafist” movements because of the use of the name MECCA!!!!
These ignorant people, doesn’t knew that there is coffee-shop and Bar in the United States named Mecca coffee SINCE 1921!!!
They ignore that Mecca is the name of an Amerindian native tribe !!!
They might Ignore also that the name of the Holy City is MAKKAH and Not MECCA!
In fact their ignorance has placed them in the wake of the French Islamophobic press who tricked us the word Muslim drink titrating: The Cola of Allah arrives in France”!!!
Turning Almighty ALLAH in a drink manufacturer!
It was a shame for the French Medias, that mostly pointed me as a possible radical Muslim, witch was at that time the most dangerous and dirty accusation as post 9/11 attacks.
I was Trying to say and explain that I am not a Fundamentalist, neither an Anti-American, I was just opposing injustice and imperialism, opposing the American Empire foreign policies.
No one wanted to hear me. All media and the political world where Depth.
What did I heard later :
MATHLOUTHI profits on the backs of Palestinians, he is opportunist, he is sold to American and Israeli!
He is their lackeys, their servant, they ordered him to launch Mecca Cola,
his is a traitor
He became rich and does not care for Palestinian and poor people!
He sold his company to Coca Cola and also to Israeli!
In the Other side border of stupidity and attacks, I was tagged as Anti-Semitic activist, as Fundamentalist and secret supporter of terrorists!!!
Blah blah blah ….
I saw the green and unripe
I suffered the worst pressures , political, police , financial, judiciary and Betrayals of the interior
Of trial repetition
This unfair accusation of being anti-Semitic hurts more, this had real consequences in may day to day life and in the growth of the Brand and the company.
Unfortunately it sticks to our image in Europe despite the fact that it is TOTALLY FAKE, and despite our efforts and good will to defend our selves from this horrible accusation,  it became a real malediction!
It blocks any kind of growth and development, The lobby anti-Mecca Cola and Tawfik MATHLOUHI is really strong, very intrusive, aggressive  and very active.
but our faith and our will are stronger.
No, I did not fall
No, I ‘m not rich
No I did not sell my brand neither my soul and my commitments.
No we are not banned in France or anywhere else.
Yes this war without mercy we did waver , but we’re still standing.
When there is a strong will and convictions, there is always a way to survive and succeed. Just never give-up…
I take this opportunity of addressing you all, to give you the chance to ask me directly any question, without any taboo, and to address it to me personally through my personal dedicated Email.
I commit to answer you personally, with no intermediary and to publish your question and my answer in this website.
Please feel free to ask any question related to Mecca Cola,
The only limit is courtesy.
The worst attacks we faced where in France and the Entire Arab World!!!
France, birth Country of the Brand, and natural affiliated countries du to my origins!!!
What a pity!
Despite all this, we are now a growing company, with a Famous Brand World Wide, facing competition, counterfeiters, and dirty underground tricks.
But the unique lesson to Keep is: When you Fight for a Fair and legitimate cause, NEVER GIVE UP.
After 18 Years, United we are, and IN DIGNITY WE STAND,
And more than Ever: THE TASTE OF FREEDOM  remains the Flagship of HOPE IN HUMANITY!
“Arab Spring” for what I proudly contributed during more than 12 Years, strengthen our faith and gives us the proof that being in the right path you will be rewarded soon or later.
its our CREDO, its our Faith
PS: my personal E-mail address:
Waiting for your e-mails! cheers