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Out of 100 people surveyed in Pakistan,France, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, or Senegal, everyone without exception has already heard of Mecca-Cola and can recognize and identify the brand..

Mecca Cola after the middle east will be found in Europe and north Africa
The fizzy Iranian soft drink “Zam Zam Cola” could quench the thirst of the two million Muslim faithful expected next February on their annual pilgrimage...
Palestinian Donation Certificates
In Islamic nations there are even new alternative cola drinks called Zam Zam and Mecca Cola
ACTION by environmentalists which forced the closure of more than 100 Esso petrol stations could be the start of further consumer protest...
The move means it would be hard to find Coca Cola’s products..
The bottler Coca Cola Friday closed its warehouse in southern Thai province Yala, where anti- American sentiment has been high.
20 per cent of profits go to a range of leading local and international humanitarian
MUSLIMS across the city were today celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr and the conclusion of the holy month of Ramadhan.
meca cola
Mecca Cola (Bilan)
Sa devise pourrait être « les chiens aboient, la caravane passe ». Car Tawfik Mathlouthi a gagné son pari. Fin 2002, cet homme d’affaires franco-tunisien,
Mecca cola one of companies mentioned by unicef
This report details the market trends and socio-economic climate surrounding teenagers across Europe. Published six times a year...
Fatwa for the use of Mecca Cola
Tawfik MATHLOUTHI: Je suis animé par des valeurs universelles
When your focus is preventing you from seeing anything but the problem, meditations which relax your mind and guide you to finding solutions...
The truth of the Native Americans: حقيقة الهنود الحمر
حقيقة الهنود الحمر ، السكان الأصليون لأمريكا
A new soft drink under the name Mecca Cola will be launched…
A nasty spat has broken out between Israel’s Finance and Defense ministries over the $700 million deal to upgrade 170 of Turkey’s obsolescent tanks.
Mecca-Cola claim 10% of profits will go to a Palestinian charity and a further 10% will go to UK charities
A MUSLIM bookshop has become the first in Wales to register a protest against America by selling an Islamic version of Coca-Cola.
International Herald Tribune
After Mecca Cola was introduced two similar drinks were rolled out in France
If the United States does invade Iraq, some of the first casualties may be the cachet that American brands and products have enjoyed around...
Coca-Cola has led to the creation of a homegrown alternate: Mecca-Cola
who previously worked for Reuters News Service, is a correspondent for the Shawano, Wis., Leader. Who knew things had gotten this bad?
Mecca Cola – “No more drinking stupid. Drink with commitment!”
When consumer choice is frequently held up as the ultimate good, and all the shops are open on Sunday, it is refreshing to hear talk of Britain having a soul
“I think it’s a good product and it will be good to market.”
Friday, August 6, 2004 — Mecca-Cola, the Arab world’s alternative to Coke, hit the Israeli market this week, as the global owner redeclared the company’s
Nicolas Sarkozy & Mecca Cola
Nicolas Sarkozy & Mecca Cola
The work addressed three critical issues for Pharm Ltd.:
Halal Certificates Of Mecca Cola Compounds
The teams focused their efforts on a few of the highest-value S&OP levers in order to review the current planning process
مكة كولا.. مشروب موال لفلسطين تحدى أميركا وحظرته الإمارات